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To Fly Fixed Wing Microlights , What do I need to do?  

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I have a Current UK CAA PPL/EASA Licence with SEP Rating

SEP Rating Current

With a CAA or issued PPL (A) if you have a current SEP rating, Subject to having completed differences training as appropriate (NATS AIC: W 080/2010 paragraph 2.1 a.). You may fly Microlights without a GST within the privileges of your licence.

Having low energy characteristics  the CAA  recommend differences training with a suitably qualified Instructor, this usually takes about 5 hours (we have done it in little as 2 hrs and it has taken as much as 10 hrs clearly dependant upon the individuals currency, experience and aptitude

On completion of the conversion training we enter a conversion training sticker into your Log book validating the differences training completed (may be required for insurance purposes)

**Please note**

You can now use microlight hours towards maintaining currency of your UK CAA SEP rating. But NOT your EASA SEP rating.

If your SEP rating lapses and you wish to continue to fly microlights you should apply for a microlight rating to be added to your Licence.

This will involve a Microlight General Skill Test (GST) and Ground oral and submission of form 102 M. along with £ to the CAA..

I have a Current UK CAA PPL Licence with Lapsed SEP Rating

If Your SEP Rating Has Expired you will need to,

1) Renew the SEP rating by test


2) Undertake a Microlight GST and ground oral, submit form 102 M & £ to the CAA and have a Microlight rating added to your License

I Have a Current  NPPL/SSEA Licence

 The SSEA and SLMG Class Ratings do not entitle the holder to fly Microlights.

If you  hold a NPPL with a SSEA or SLMG Class Rating you must add a Microlight Class Rating if you want to fly Microlights. This will involve a Microlight General Skill Test (GST) and Ground oral and submission of form 102M & £ to the BMAA & CAA

Hours flown in any Class can then be used towards maintaining other NPPL Class Ratings.

(Yes your microlight hours do credit your SSEA rating & Visa Versa)


Information about the National private Pilots Licence

The NPPL with Microlight rating has replaced the old "stand alone" Microlight Licence, which is no longer issued. There are advantages to holding a NPPL, chiefly the ability to add a Simple Single Engine Aircraft and/or Self-Launching Motorglider rating by following the cross-crediting arrangements agreed by the NPPL Steering Group.